Is consumer non-durables a good career path?

Do you want to work in the non-durables industry? Read this article to learn Is consumer non-durables a good career path? Make sound decisions on your own

Yes, consumer non-durables is an amazing career path because this is a stable career path with different job opportunities, attractive salaries, and job availability. Also, on a daily basis, there are thousands of new jobs becoming available in the consumer non-durables industry. 

You might have heard about jobs in consumer non-durables and are interested in building your career in this field. Though a career in the consumer non-durables industry is rewarding, but you should know why this is a good career path and what this career includes.

This article discusses the many reasons why non-durable consumer goods are a great career choice and the advantages of starting a career in this field.

What Is Consumer Non-Durables?

Every day we require to use and purchase different products on various basis, which can be used only once or for a short while, and all the products included in this criteria are known as consumer non-durables. And the industry that produces or manufactures these types of products is called the consumer non-durables industry. 

Why Choose a Career In Consumer Non-Durables?

We cherish having or establishing our career in an industry that has a great career advancement opportunity, pays well, and jobs are easy to get in all states in the United States. 

Among a few industries that meet the traits mentioned above, consumer non-durables is one of the best. 

And Numerous consumer non-durables industries are spread out across the USA and offer all the benefits you can expect. 

What Makes Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career
What Makes Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career

What Makes Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career?

We could add countless elements that make consumer non-durables a good career path, but let’s focus only on a few things that shaped this industry to become the best. 

  • Consumer Need 

As said earlier, the consumer non-durables industry manufactures goods we use frequently and has become an integral part of our life, products like hair care, perfumes, packaged foods, oil & gas, etc. 

We will always need these products as they are our everyday necessities, and consumers will never stop purchasing and using these products. Due to customer demand, the sector is expanding faster than ever, new businesses are emerging, and more manufacturing sites are being built to keep up with consumer demand.

  • Different Career 

Most industries’ careers are fixed or focused only on one section. For instance, in the construction field, every employee’s center of attention is on construction-related work.  

Conversely, the consumer non-durables sector has a broad range of industries, allowing you to pick from personal care, food, clothing, petroleum or the industry that suits you.

  • Industry Growth

One of the best traits of a good career path or industry is its growth. It’s such a factor that’s enough for anyone to decide whether the industry will be promising or not. 

So, does the consumer non-durables industry has good growth? Yes! This industry has been experiencing consistent growth for decades! According to IBIS world research, the non-durables and wholesale industry of the United States are worth a whopping $9,086.3 Billion! 

And another survey by Statista shows that in 2020, the total sales of consumer non-durables were more than $4,240.00 Billion. 

  • Job Transition

Changing jobs is a common practice among working people, they often switch their career paths from one department to another or one industry to another, and because of this, they need to start their career from scratch once again. 

But in consumer non-durables, you can easily shift your career to any industry available within its radius, even by retaining the same position! 

  • Job Roles

In today’s corporate world, some, such as information technology, marketing, and sales sectors, are in high demand and highly valued. Interestingly, the consumer non-durables industry has all of these and other highly sought and high-paying job roles.

  • Salary

When selecting an industry, most professionals are concerned about its salary structure. Because remuneration isn’t good in some sectors, you’ve to start a career with a low wage, and getting an increment could take years. 

Thankfully, in consumer non-durables, the minimum wage starts from around $38,000 a year! Even if you’re a fresher! And can get a wage hike based on work experience.

Is consumer non-durables a good career path?

Unquestionably! Yes! You won’t regret choosing consumer non-durables as your career path. This field is diverse and has employment chances for everyone regardless of educational qualifications and experience. 

Additionally, unlike other sectors, you don’t have to do extensive job searches to get hired. You may find a job in consumer non-durables near your residence. 

Can I Move To Consumer Non-Durables Industry From Other Industries?

Yes, you can do so, and moving from another field to consumer non-durables won’t cause you too much stress because you can get into the same job role that you were in the previous sector! 

Will The Demand For Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Be The Same In The Future

Does Consumer Non-Durables Industry Have Jobs For Freshers?

There are plenty of jobs for freshers and inexperienced people. If you have the required skill for the role you’re applying for, you can land a job effortlessly. However, we suggest freshers not apply for mid-level roles.

Try to send your resume to entry-level positions to enhance the odds of getting hired. Job hunting will become tedious if you don’t do this.

Is Skilled Trade Jobs Available In Consumer Non-Durables?

Of course, it has! Skilled trade jobs are necessary for every industry if you’re a skilled trade worker or have working experience as an electrician, mechanic, or heavy equipment operator. You can also work in any sector of consumer non-durables. 

Will The Demand For Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Be The Same In The Future?

The demand for consumer non-durable jobs will likely increase in the future because of its nature. Non-durables aren’t something people buy for luxury. Rather, they’re something they use every day. In light of this, we can predict that this industry will not decline or collapse soon. 

Is Entry Level Jobs Available In Consumer Non-Durables?

You don’t need to worry about entry-level jobs in this industry because these jobs are available throughout every sector, from manufacturing plants to retail outlets.

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