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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How Royal Recruiter works?

Royal Recruiter provides custom jobs recommendation to job seekers for free. We have affiliations with top-notch organizations, firms, and agencies, and job boards from where we receive the hot openings internally. Royal Recruiter does not have any specific physical location and doesn’t provide any direct employments to the company; we only work to connect appropriate candidates to appropriate jobs across the US. Let us know your expected job types and location; our agent will pitch you with the best available job openings based on your preference.

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How to contact Royal Recruiter; is there any direct phone number to call?

Currently we don’t have any direct number to call. But you can connect with an appropriate agent in messenger chat. If it’s regarding our job posting, please let us know the following sending a direct message in our Facebook Page

1. Which specific role/position are you looking for?

2. What is your preferred job location?

Or, If you would like to discuss something in detail, please submit a callback request at , an agent will call you back to discuss the matter at your convenience.

I’m not sure which job is the best for me to apply, how Royal Recruiter can help at that case?

If you are not sure about job preference, Royal Recruiter can give you job recommendation based on your resume. Please submit your resume at our agent will reach you at your email with appropriate opportunities shortly.

Is Royal Recruiter a job board or employment agency?

No, Royal Recruiter is not a job board or a traditional recruiting agency; we offer job recommendation service for free. We are working closely with companies to acquire internal job openings for which we provide the appropriate talent. Royal Recruiter is working to build a natural combination in between the latest technology and expert recruiting agents to make the hiring process faster and easier and to reduce the keyword blind AI technology base recruitment where a lot of potential talent is left out.