Is packaged foods a good career path?

The packaged foods industry has revolutionized the way we consume foods, and technology has helped it reach new levels. So, Is packaged foods a good career path?

Absolutely, packaged foods is a lucrative career path because packaged foods have turned into a vast industry, and more than half a million people here in the United States work for this sector, and it also provides competitive wages to its employees.

You can earn from $28,750 to $86,400 a year in the packaged foods industry!

Is Career In Packaged Foods Secure?

Every one of us craves a profession that will be enticing and persist for a long time. And Packaged foods is an industry that has been with us for more than hundreds of years or thousands if we think broadly.

But it wasn’t anything near to what we see these days. It grew as a result of the industrial revolution, entrepreneurial fervor, and, most importantly, how quickly we, as customers, adopted it.

According to a survey that took place in 2020, reported that packaged foods companies in the United States are valued at more than 996 billion USD.! And another poll from 2018 estimated that the worldwide market of the packaged foods industry is worth $2.70 trillion and will become a 3.86 trillion dollar market within 2026! 

Further, the packaged foods market is growing all over the globe because of healthy packaged foods. So what do you think? Will it be a safe bet to start your career in the packaged foods sector? The choice is yours, but we at the Royal recruiter are certain that you will not be disappointed.

Are packaged foods jobs physically exacting?

It entirely depends on which sector you want to get engaged with, as there are a lot of positions available in the packaged foods industry, some of which require exerting physical effort, and some don’t. 

Let’s assume you’re planning to start working as a packer because it doesn’t necessitate too much qualification or skill to become one. As a packer, you will be required to do physically demanding work as part of your daily duties.

A few examples are- doing repetitive work and carrying or moving bulky packages.

Jobs In Packaged Foods

As previously said, there are an abundant amount of career opportunities available in the packaged goods businesses. Don’t know which position will be the best for you? Don’t get in a fluster when Royal Recruiter is with you! 

We’ll provide you with a handful of job positions that packaged foods companies commonly seek. Let’s see what those are!

  • Packaging Engineers

We’ve listed this position on top of others because of its importance in the packaged foods business. Packaging engineers are in charge of the vital tasks without which one can’t even establish a packaging business.

duty of packaging engineers:

  1. Choosing the most cost-effective materials for the package.
  2. Improved design for existing packaging.
  3. Package manufacturing cost reduction.
  4. Package Durability testing.
  • Packaging Line supervisor

Packaged foods companies recruit a line supervisor to confirm immaculate manufacturing and packaging.

Duy of packaging line supervisors

  1. Ensures that employees follow safety and health regulations.
  2. No faulty packaging.
  3. Monitoring Worker
  4. Plan and manage daily routine and workflow.
  • Packaging Specialist

These individuals work alone or closely with the packaging engineers to produce the best package for foods.

What does a packaging specialist do?

  1. Design Packages.
  2. Make sure that the packing does not cause any harm to the Food.
  • Packaging Machine Operator

A packaged foods industry is nothing without packaging machine operators. And they are the unsung heroes of the packaged foods sectors.

Duties of packaging Machine operators

  1. Inspect the packaging machine or tools working smoothly.
  2. Develop or repair new and current machinery.
  3. Confirm the machines are neat and clean and provide maximum productivity.
  • Packaging manager

Just like the word “Boss of the Bosses.” A packaging manager is the boss of the operation floor (at least in many ways!)

Tasks of packaging manager(s)

  1. Ensures enough human resources every day
  2. Enough raw materials stock
  3. Provide direction to supervisors or workers if needed.
  4. Observe the packaging machine operators to see whether they are carrying out their regular activities or not.
  • Refrigeration Technician

The Fast-growing frozen packaged foods sectors have their own refrigeration systems. They appoint refrigeration technicians to ensure their daily tasks are completed without interruption. 

Because a simple fault in the cooling system can damage the whole production.

Duties of Refrigeration technicians

  1. Installing and repairing the cooling system.
  2. Inspecting the whole refrigeration system on a regular basis.
is packaged foods a good career path

Is The Salary For Packaged Foods Employees Good?

Undoubtedly, YES! Workers in the packaged foods industry in the United States and Canada get fair pay, which is adequate to live a comfortable standard of living. Keen to know how much? Read on to know:

Packaging Engineers: they start their career by earning at least $39,149/year. And with a few years of experience, packaging engineers can make a median of $61,540 to $93,494! And top earners and highly experienced professionals may make SIX FIGURE salaries in a breeze!

Packaging Specialist: A starter makes around $33,403 per year, with the chance of earning as much as $85,755! Depending on experience.

Packaging Machine Operator: The yearly average salary of packaging machine operators is $34,403, while the top earns $24.62 per hour!

Packers: earn nearly 910 dollars a week and $50,400 a year! Packers also make a considerable amount of extra money by working overtime.

Refrigeration Technician: Make an average of $59,430 each year, which equates to around $24.80 every hour!

What are the qualifications needed to work in the packaged foods sector?

Like any other job, companies seek qualifications based on the position you’re applying for. Some necessary qualifications are:

  • Education & Courses:
  1. Bachelors in food technology, food packaging, or engineering. (for engineering and advanced positions only)
  2. High school diploma (entry positions)
  3. Diploma/ certification in food packaging

What are the vital skills needed to work in the packaging industry?

Well, we have been counting money and qualifications a lot; let’s talk about something that you should know before dipping your toes into the pool of packaged foods careers, which is skills.! 

So, let’s check out the skills that’ll help you compete with others while getting a job in the packaged foods industry. 

  • Team Player
  • Physically fit
  • Diligent
  • Keen eyes for defects
  • hand-eye coordination

What are the industries in packaged foods?

Everything you can name of! Take a look around your kitchen, and inside the refrigerator, you’ll notice almost everything is inside of either paper or polythene-based packaging.

Below are some industries where you can work:

  • Dairy 
  • Frozen Foods
  • Chips
  • Beverage
  • Bakery 
  • Health and beauty 

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