Best entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables

There are many entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables; find out the Best entry-level jobs in the consumer non-durables industry in this article.

When it comes to entry-level jobs in the consumer non-durables industry, there are plenty of them. As a result, job searchers get baffled while selecting which jobs to apply for.

To help your entry-level job searching straightforwardly, we’ve brought some of the most and best common entry-level job roles from the consumer non-durables industry, so let’s see what those job positions are!

What Is Consumer Non-Durables?

You may already be familiar with the consumer non-durables industry, but if you aren’t, here is a short explanation. Any goods with a short life span of less than THREE years are called non-durables, and companies or industries that manufacture them are called consumer non-durables industries. 

Are Entry-Level Jobs Available In Consumer Non-Durables?

Yes, because consumer non-durables isn’t a single industry or company, companies in this industry have manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail outlets, and corporate offices. 

And all consumer non-durable industries and companies offer entry-level employment opportunities in the departments/sectors mentioned above. Additionally, due to being a vast industry, consumer non-durables require a massive workforce and skilled workers, which they prepare by offering elementary job positions. 

Because a person obtains experience by doing entry-level jobs, and if a certain industry doesn’t have or provide entry-level jobs, they won’t be able to create competent and experienced workers

Is It Difficult To Find Entry-Level Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables?

Not at all! Entry-level consumer non-durables jobs are easy to find as this is a large industry. Nevertheless, it’s not difficult to find one, but it can take time because of the competition for jobs. 

As more and more freshers are trying to get into the industry. 

Do Entry-Level Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables Pay Well?

Regardless of your company type and position, every entry-level job all over the consumer non-durables industry pays a good wage. Even as a fresher, you can expect to earn a minimum hourly wage between $14 to $20 or more! 

Best entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables Infographic

Best entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables

Industries in consumer non-durables have countless entry-level job prospects, but today we’re going to focus only on the best, most prevalent, and good-paying ones. 

Best entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables are: 

  • Machine Operator

If you’re planning to work in a consumer non-durables industry manufacturing facility, then “Machine operator” is the most common job position you’ll come across. 

The primary duties of a machine operator are to operate, monitor, and maintain/troubleshoot various types of production machinery. They also make sure the machinery’s components are clean and functioning properly.

  • Production Worker/Operator

This position is also available in manufacturing facilities. The responsibilities of production workers or operators are to look after the quality of the goods or products in production lines and assemble them.

  • Technicians 

Technicians can work in warehouses and manufacturing plants because they use different kinds of machinery, and a technician is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting them.   

  • Quality Controller/Inspector

As the name suggests, these professionals are the one who checks and inspects the quality of produced goods in a manufacturing facility. They ensure that the manufactured products meet the standard and don’t have any packaging problems. 

  • Equipment Operators

Because of their role, equipment operators can work in any department or sector of the consumer non-durables industry, be it a production plant or retail outlet. These professionals operate various equipment such as forklifts, hoists, and cranes. 

This professional’s duty requires them to perform a variety of responsibilities since they play an essential role in their workplace. A part of their duties is unloading products from trucks, storing them according to their category, and then packaging them for delivery.

  • Retail Sales Associates

They work in retail outlets of designated non-durable companies to assist customers in selecting the suitable products of that company. Retail sales associates also do other tasks, such as greeting customers and arranging shelves. 

  • Marketing Representatives

After manufacturing goods, the very next step is to promote the products to the customers through advertising campaigns and other strategies, and marketing representatives are responsible for these tasks.

  • Driver

You can also work as a driver in any field of the consumer non-durables industry! Companies hire drivers with commercial & non-commercial driving licenses as they need to supply products to sales points around the country. 

  • Customer Service 

Customer service is essential for a business to retain customers. Companies provide customer services through mobile phones, online, or by being physically present in stores. 

The main responsibility of a customer service representative is to solve customers’ problems, answer their queries, etc. 

Entry-level jobs Education Qualification Infographic

What’s The Educational Requirement For Entry-Level Jobs

Most entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables don’t require high educational qualifications. However, depending on the department, educational requirements may vary.

The minimum educational qualification for entry-level jobs.

  • High School Or College Degree

Most entry-level jobs in consumer non-durables require the candidates to have at least a high school or a college degree, though only a few roles want a college degree. 

  • University Degree

Departments such as marketing, sales, and supply chain mandate job seekers to have a university degree even for entry-level roles, but you may get a job in the mentioned department with a college degree. 

  • Trade School

Positions like mechanics, equipment operators, and welders demand technical skills and experience rather than educational qualifications. For these roles, recruiters seek applicants with trade school certificates. 

How Much Does Entry-Level Jobs Pay?

The salary of entry-level consumer non-durable jobs is quite good. On average, you can make a median of between $33,000 to nearly $50,000 a year, but remember that the median salary for entry-level roles isn’t the same in all positions and companies. 

Based on company and positions, salary can be more or less. 

Can I Advance My Career With Entry-Level Roles?

When you do entry-level jobs, you’ll prepare yourself for better opportunities since you’ll gain hands-on experience and sharpen the skills that will assist you in getting into senior positions and performing your duties without any trouble.

Moreover, it’s not possible to advance your career without doing entry-level jobs. No matter whichever industry you select, you cannot progress your career without working entry-level positions since they are the pathways to senior roles. 

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