Can I Get A CDL License Without Going To School

Wondering, “Can I Get A CDL License Without Going To School?” as you can learn to drive by yourself and save a couple of thousands! Is it possible? Let’s know

No! According to new FMCSA regulations, from February 7, 2022 you won’t be able to get a commercial driver’s license without completing driving school training.

Can I get a commercial driving license (CDL) without going to driving school? This is one of the most asked questions among those who want to attend a commercial driving license test. 

In this article, you’ll know detailed info on whether you can get a CDL without going to school and other information related to a commercial driving license and driving schools.

Can I Get A CDL License Without Going To School

No, according to the new rules imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, if you’ve applied for your CDL class A or B Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) for the first time after February 7, 2022, it’s mandatory to complete driving training from an authorized training provider.

How To Find a Driver Training School Near Me?

Finding an authorized driver training provider near you is pretty simple. When you apply for a commercial learner permit in your nearest department of motor vehicle (DMV), you’ll find the list of government-approved driver training schools. 

Also, you can visit the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or your local department of motor vehicle (DMV) to find out the authorized driver training institutions. 

How Much Does a CDL Driving School Cost?

In most commercial driving schools, the CDL driving program costs between $2000 and $20,000. Driving school costs vary based on factors like program duration, type of program, and how many days you will attend classes in a week. 

How Long Does A Driving Program Last?

On average, a truck driving program lasts between 140 hours to 750 hours. An intensive (long) program requires more hours. We recommend people get into programs that last 300 to 600 hours because, in these programs, you’ll be able to learn comprehensive driving knowledge.

can i get a cdl license without going to school

What You’ll Learn In A Truck Driving School?

The programs offered by truck driving schools are designed to help you pass the commercial driving license test and become the best truck driver in the future. 

Things you’ll learn in a truck driving school:

  • Driving

In driving school, they’ll teach you how to drive vehicles, especially trucks that fall under the vehicle class of your driving license. You’ll master driving the flatbeds, tractor trailers, box trucks, dump trucks, and similar categories. 

  • Pre-trip inspections

Pre-trip inspection is one of the mandatory skill tests for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL); pre-trip inspection means you’ll check certain parts of the vehicle, like air brakes, engine, steering, gears, etc., to know they’re working well or not and avoid malfunctions. 

  • Control and road test

In a commercial driving license test, you’ll also have to prove that you are good at controlling the vehicle and can drive on the road following the traffic rules. And you’ll get to learn all of these in a driving school. 

Overall, attending a driving school will also help you pass the commercial driving license test on the first attempt!

How Do You Prove You’ve Attended A Driving School?

Let’s assume you’ve completed a truck driving program and got your certificate, but how do you verify to the authority that we’ve done so?  

Once you complete your driving program, the driving institution will upload or submit your certification to the online training provider registry from which you and the department of motor vehicle check the certificate. 

What Are The Processes Of Getting A Commercial Driving License?

You’ve to follow three steps to get a commercial driving license. Let’s see the steps in detail.

First: To get a commercial driver’s license. First, you’ve to obtain a commercial learner’s permit (CLP), which allows you to drive the CDL vehicles on the road. 

Second: After getting the commercial learner’s permit (CLP), you’ve to admit to a state-authorized truck driving school to learn the necessary skills and real-life driving experience. 

Third: The final step of getting a commercial driving license is to attend and pass the tests. You’ve to pass tests like:

  • General Knowledge
  • Combination Vehicles,
  • Road Test
  • Vehicle Inspection Test
  • Controlling Test
  • Air Brake Test

Requirements To Get A Commercial Driving License

Before registering for a commercial driving license (CDL), a few requirements must be met. If any commercial driving license seeker doesn’t have these requirements, they won’t be able to register. 

  • Age

The minimum age requirement for a commercial driving license is 18. At this age, you can obtain all three classes of commercial driving license; however, there is an exception for class A CDL.

Eighteen years old CDL class A holders can only drive interstate/within a state; they need to be 21 years old to drive CDL class A vehicles across the whole nation.

  • Driving License

A commercial driving license is just an upgraded version of a normal driving license which allows you to drive heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, when applying for a commercial license, you must own a normal driving license. 

  • Medical Test

You’ve to submit a medical card to certify that you’re physically fit to drive a commercial vehicle. And to get this medical card, you’ve to undergo a medical test by the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

can i get a cdl license without going to school

How Much Does A Commercial Driving License Cost? 

Different states have different fees for a commercial driving license. Usually, a commercial driving license costs between $30 to $100. Visit the office or website of your local department of motor vehicle to know the exact cost of a CDL. 

How To Check My Commercial Driving License Road Test Result?

Now you can check the CDL road test exam result from your mobile phone or computer. All you’ve to do is visit the state’s department of motor vehicle website and search for “Road Test Results.”

If you’ve attended the CDL road test from New York, click on this link. It’ll take you to the website where you can see the exam result by providing your nine (9) digit DMV ID number and DOB (date of birth). 


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