Local CDL Class A Jobs: Find Local CDL Class A Jobs Near Me

Local CDL class a truck driving jobs are best for those truck drivers who don’t want to stay for a longer time on the roads. Find Local CDL Class A Jobs near me

Do you own a class A commercial driving license, or are you considering getting one? Then you must be well aware of the drawbacks of being a class A CDL driver, such as being away from family, staying extended time on the road, and many more. 

Fortunately, there’s an allay to all the problems that class a commercial driving license holder faces: that is, you can consider “Becoming a local CDL Class A driver!” 

Let’s know what a local CDL Class A truck driver does and how to find local CDL class A jobs near you.

What Is A Local CDL Class A Driver?

A local commercial driving license (CDL) Class A drivers are those who drive trucks or vehicles within specific routes. Most of the time, local CDL class A drivers haul trucks near their homes, allowing them to stay close to friends and family, as they can finish their duty during the daytime or without being far from family.

What are the major differences between a local (commercial driving license) CDL Class A driver and other CDL Class A drivers? Below are the two major differences. 

  • Driving Route

Drivers with Class A commercial driving license (CDL) are often required to haul trucks or vehicles all over the United States and sometimes outside the USA(i.e., Mexico or Canada)!

But as a local CDL Class A driver, you’ll only drive within a certain region, state or city. 

  • Staying On-Road

To deliver or haul goods from one place to another, Class A commercial driving license (CDL) drivers spend days on the road depending on the trips. For example, if you haul from New York to California, it could take three to seven days. 

Whereas, in class A local commercial driving license jobs, you’ll never have to drive for long hours and go out of your working state. You will complete each trip within your duty hours.

What Do The Local CDL Class A Drivers Do?

The responsibilities of a local CDL Class A driver are almost similar to any other CDL Class A driver. Followings are the duties that you’ll have to do as a Local CDL Class A driver: 

  • Delivering Goods 

The main task of a local CDL class a driver is to deliver or haul goods to locations assigned by their employer(s), and as you already know, you will haul within a city or state, 

  • Loading And Unloading Loads

You’ll have to load and unload the goods safely and securely on the vehicle using different equipment like hand trucks, forklifts, pallet trucks, etc. 

  • Documentation

A simple but essential responsibility of local CDL class A drivers is to document everything. Because documentation helps the company, driver and recipient know the product quantity and other details of received products.  

Additionally, local class A CDL drivers also keep records of mileage-driven and damaged goods.

  • Troubleshooting 

While traveling with loads, a local CDL Class A driver may face issues with their vehicles or trucks, and to fix the mechanical problems of vehicles, you should know the basic troubleshooting.

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How To Become A Local CDL Class A Driver?

Starting a career as a local CDL Class A driver is quite easy. All you’ll require is to meet some basic qualifications and have a driving license. So, what are the requirements? Let’s find out. 

  • Education

As a local CDL Class A driver, you’ll have to keep records of lots of data and other information. This is why all employers mandate their employees to have minimum educational qualifications.

Graduating with a high school diploma or equivalent is enough to get a job as a local CDL Class A driver. However, if you’ve graduated or completed a trade program, you’ll also be eligible and have higher chances of getting hired, 

  • Driving License

The main requirement to become a local CDL Class A truck driver is to have a Class A commercial driving license because there are a few vehicle categories that you can’t operate without having Class A CDL. 

How to get a Class A CDL? First, you’ve to get a normal commercial driving license; after that, you’ll need to go through a state-approved CDLClass A training program, and then you’ll have to attend an examination where you’ve to pass by obtaining at least 80% marks and pass the driving test.

  • Clean Driving Record

Not only in local CDL Class A driving jobs, instead the whole CDL industry doesn’t want to recruit drivers with traffic violations, chiefly drivers with DUI(driving under the influence) and speeding are less welcomed in this industry. So try to keep your traffic record clean as possible.   

  • DOT Physical Exam

To prove that you’re physically fit and are not consuming drugs, you’ve to pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination. 

How Much Do The Local CDL Class A Drivers Make?

Earning of a local CDL Class A Driver varies on a few factors like previous working experience, skills, and employment location. The average earning of local CDL Class A drivers is now nearly $31 per hour, which equates to almost $61,000 per year. 

We’ve seen data where the highest earner local CDL Class A driver makes approximately $88,000 annually! But newcomers earn slightly less than the average salary. Many Class A local CDL reported that after joining, they used to earn between $43,000 to $56,000 each year.  

Is Working As A Local CDL Class A Driver Worth It?

It’s worth this career path if you consider the drawbacks mentioned above. Even though you’ll earn less when you work as a local CDL Class A driver, what could be better than staying fit and enjoying time with family? Which you won’t get if you work as a long haul CDL Class A driver. 

On top of that, with a Class A commercial driving license, you can work anywhere. If you think you should be earning more money, you can switch to long haul or other CDL Class A careers, and you won’t face any problem in doing so. 

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Find Local CDL Class A Jobs Near Me

Now, you may have the Class A CDL, but how do you start searching for jobs near you? To find A local CDL Class A jobs near you just follow these steps:

  • Visits the local job websites 
  • List the name of the local transportation or logistics company 
  • Try to attend local job fairs 
  • Reach out to a recruiter