Jobs Where You’ll Be On Your Feet All Day

There are some Jobs Where You’ll Be On Your Feet All Day long. These jobs also pay the highest. Find out Jobs Where You’ll Be On Your Feet All Day

The nature of the work of every job depends on a few factors, such as industry and job role. There are thousands of desk jobs roles where you’ll spend your day sitting at an office desk.

And most of us are somewhat familiar with these types of jobs. However, there are also a few jobs where you’ll be on your feet all day long. These jobs also come with benefits like a good minimum wage, skill development, and job opportunities.

In this article, we’ll cover the most common jobs where you’ll be on your feet all day long, your duties, and other information.

What Does It Mean To Be On Your Feet All Day?

What does being on your feet mean in a job? There are several sectors and job positions where you don’t usually get the chance to work while sitting on a chair; rather, you spend the whole shift either standing or running around.

Any job with such characteristics is also known as “Standing Job.”

What Are The Jobs Where You'll Be On Your Feet All Day

What Are The Jobs Where You’ll Be On Your Feet All Day?

There are hundreds of jobs where you’re required to stand all day long, and these jobs are too common in our society.

Below is the job list where you’ll be on your feet all day.

Waiters and waitresses work mainly in restaurants, hotels/motels, and other food-serving industries. As a waiter/waitress, you’ll greet the guests/customers, help them seating, hand them the menu, take orders and serve food.

Construction workers work in a variety of construction settings, such as home building, demolition industry, bridge, and other large infrastructure projects.

Many construction job positions, namely construction labor, roofers, floor and frame installers, and construction inspector, will keep you on your feet during your work period.

Retail shops are always cramped with shoppers; to serve them, retail salespersons always stay ready by standing next to shelves and maintaining the stocks.

As a production worker, you’ll work in factories and manufacturing facilities; they do a range of jobs that varies by company. They clean and scrutinize equipment used in production plants, inspect produced goods, help with packaging,

Landscapers have only one duty: taking care of gardens and lawns or anything that entails trees, flowers, and plantations. They trim plants, remove weeds and debris, apply pesticides and fertilizer, troubleshoot watering systems, plant trees/herbs, and monitor their growth.

This list also includes teachers because they spend a lot of time standing while teaching students. However, they may not stand for an entire day, but they are estimated to stand for around two-thirds of their shift.

Every healthcare worker, be it a nurse, physician, or therapist, stands for a long time to provide medical care to patients.

Do they stand for the whole day? No, they can also sit and work, but large portions of their duty require them to walk around and stand.

Hairdressers stay on their feet from the beginning to the end of their work hours as their work nature necessitates them to be on their feet because it’s easier and more comfortable for them to cut hair and do other work while standing.

Not only chefs but anyone working with them also needs to stand for hours because, in a kitchen environment, you can’t technically just sit and cook.

A pharmacist is responsible for giving prescribed medicines to patients and also determining the effectiveness of prescribed medication on patients’ bodies. And this keeps them on their feet while working.

Pickers and packers work in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants. They pick orders from shelves and prepare them for shipment; that’s how they got the title of pickers and packers.

How Available Are These Jobs?

No matter which job position you pick, we can ensure that you won’t need to spend too much time searching for jobs regardless of living in urban and suburban areas.

Let’s see how many jobs are available in those positions:

  • Waiter/Waitress: 1,9040,000+ jobs
  • Construction Workers: 1, 572,000+ jobs
  • Retail Salesperson: 4,125,000+ jobs
  • Production Worker: 356,158+ jobs
  • Landscaper: 890,000+ jobs
  • School Teacher: 1,058,000+ jobs
  • Healthcare workers: 9.800,000+ jobs
  • Hairdresser: 608,000+ jobs
  • Chefs: 152,000+ jobs
  • Pharmacist: 323,500+ jobs
  • Picker and packers: 585,000+ jobs

Required Skills For These Jobs?

You can get any of the jobs discussed above with only a few skills. And these skills are also mandatory to have.

  • Physical Strength

Standing for hours requires lots of physical strength. If you’re not fit physically, you’ll become tired quickly and won’t be able to deliver the best performance. Also, most of these jobs require candidates to lift weights up to 100 lbs. So, if you’re willing to get any of these positions, make sure you’re physically active.

  • Team Worker

These jobs also require you to work collaboratively with your co-workers. For example, if you work as a waiter, you must work alongside chefs, hostesses, and servers.

  • Time Management

Time is crucial in these jobs. You have to do your chores within the allocated time, so having good control of time is obligatory.

Does These Jobs Have Any Benefits

Does These Jobs Have Any Benefits?

Jobs that require you to be on your feet have many benefits. These benefits are alluring enough to convince you to get a job!

Benefits of doing jobs where you be on your feet:

  • Qualifications

Almost every job that requires you to be on your feet for daylong demands less educational qualifications (except for nurse, pharmacist and school teacher). You can get any of these jobs with a high school diploma or college degree.

  • Part and Full-time Opportunity

Almost all of these jobs offer both full-time and part-time employment, which is great for students, freshers, and people looking for part-time jobs.

  • Salary

Given that you’ll work hard and be active all day, how much will you make? Salary varies by employment type. You may earn between $22,000 and $35,000 per year working part-time and between $38,000 and more than $65,000 per year working full-time.

Who Are These Jobs For?

So, who should get into jobs where you need to be on your feet? People who hate sitting at work for an entire day and don’t want to get bored because these jobs will keep them active and busy.