12 Best Paying Jobs In EDP services

Are you interested in having a career in EDP services? Find out 12 Best Paying Jobs In EDP services. These Best Paying Jobs In EDP services are easy to find

EDP services are home to hundreds of best-paying jobs in the corporate sector because EDP services are now widely used for both personal and professional use due to the increased use of computers and technology.

You can work in numerous positions in this sector as per your expertise. Also, the EDP services offer huge earning opportunities and other amazing benefits.

If you have the propensity to land a job in EDP services, read this article to learn more about the best-paying jobs in EDP services and how to land one.

What Is EDP Services?

EDP stands for electronic data processing. As companies and individuals are now storing their data on electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, the demand for EDP services is increasing enormously.

In electronic data processing services, you’ll create services for businesses and personnel that will help them keep data, analyze and use them for other purposes

What Are Electronic Data Processing Services

What Are Electronic Data Processing Services?

There are a variety of electronic data processing services available based on consumers’ needs. The electronic data processing service industry is now so vast that anyone can develop/build EDP services according to their requirement.

Some of the common electronic data processing services are:

  • Invoicing system
  • Airline’s ticket booking system
  • Analytics Software
  • Billing for utility services
  • Scheduling Software
  • Content Management System
  • Automated data processing
  • Warehouse stock monitoring system
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting software
  • Customer Relationship Management services

These electronic data processing services are those which are extensively used across industries. But these are not limited to.

12 Best Paying Jobs In Electronic Data Processing Services

12 Best Paying Jobs In Electronic Data Processing Services

  1. Software Developer

Average annual salary: $67,000 to $109,020

Software developers are integral parts of electronic data processing services because they are the ones who turn ideas into usable forms. A software developer plans, designs, and develops different software solutions for individuals and enterprise users.

They also fix errors in existing software, enhance its performance, and handle all technical issues.

  1. Data Architect

Average annual salary: $66,000 to $118,000

Data architects work in industries where they require to manage large amounts of customer and client data. As a data architect, you’ll develop and design database models and solutions, analyze data, develop data strategies, create data policies, data flowcharts, etc.

  1. Cyber Security Analyst

Average annual salary: $79,000 to $102,600

Because of the greater use of electronic data processing services, the number of cyber-attacks and data breaches has increased alarmingly. Cyber security analysts mitigate the vulnerability of EDP services by monitoring systems, analyzing suspicious activities, and creating and developing safety measures.

  1. System Administrator

Average annual salary: $77,000 to $115,490

System administrators oversee the whole technological structure of a company. They ensure that hardware & software are up to date, computer systems are working properly, and upgrade, install, test, and troubleshoot system/server/network software system, and almost anything related to the system.

  1. Data Engineer

Average annual salary: $75,000 to $109,700

Data engineers build automated systems and data structures that collect and process data that anyone can use for further analysis and optimization. Don’t mix up data architecture with data engineering; these two positions are different.

  1. Solutions Architect

Average annual salary: $78,000 to $125,000

Solutions architects are responsible for finding a business’s best and most efficient technical solutions by assessing its need and demand. Not only do they find out the solution, but they also design and monitor the implementation of solutions.

  1. Software Quality Assurance

Average annual salary: $78,000 to $125,000

While developing a system or software, many issues or bugs can arise. If these problems or bugs are not detected and solved before the final launch of the system and software, it could lead to deadly consequences like data infringement.

A software quality assurance or SQA finds bugs and errors by testing different functionality of a system/software and notify developers regarding the problems. They play a vital role in software and system production.

  1. Web Developer

Average annual salary: $46,000 to $93,000

Web developers in electronic data processing services primarily build web applications. These web applications can be only for enterprise users or for mass.

  1. Database administrator

Average annual salary: $74,000 to $102,000

Database administrators manage and store data so anyone can access them easily when needed. They also ensure the performance of the database, look out for threats, and backup data.

  1. Data Scientist

Average annual salary: $71,499 to $102,320

Data scientists work to analyze data, examine data patterns, interpret them, build business insights, find answers to questions by evaluating the data and make effective decisions by doing data analytics.

  1. System Technicians

Average annual salary: $46,000 to $62,000

A system technician does a range of tasks in electronic data processing services; they fix, install and configure software, hardware, and system network.

  1. Cloud engineer

Average annual salary: $68,000 to $118,000

Cloud engineers work with all types of cloud services for a company; in EDP services, they work along with other professionals, such as software developers or web developers, to create cloud computing systems and solutions.

Is Electronic Data Processing A Good Career Path?

Yes, electronic data processing is a good career path because this industry is growing rapidly, and nowadays, almost every industry will need to take service from electronic data processing.

Additionally, this sector also has many highest-paying jobs besides the 12 best-paying jobs in EDP services we mentioned above.

What Are The Requirements For Jobs In EDP Services

What Are The Requirements For Jobs In EDP Services?

  • University Degree

Most of the best-paying jobs in electronic data processing services require a university degree, and a few employers may even want you to have a PhD! It depends on roles and employers.

Some of the best degrees for this field are: Data science, software engineering, computer science, and computer and Network Security.

  • Certifications

Some employers also require job seekers to have a few certifications along with university degrees. Most sought certifications are: AWS Certified Data Analytics, IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate, CompTIA Security+, and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).