Jobs That Pay 12 An Hour And Get One Near You

There are many jobs that pay 12 an hour. Jobs paying this hourly wage are suitable for everyone; also, you can find jobs paying 12 per hour near you easily.

Though 12 dollars per hour is less than what average Americans make, but it’s undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for people who want to earn extra, part-time job seekers, or freshers who want to gain some real-time experience before landing a full-time job. 

Jobs that pay 12 an hour are easy to find, require less qualifications, and are a great option for supporting you, your education, and your family. 

So, let’s know more about jobs that pay 12 an hour, benefits, requirements, and many more. 

How Easily Can You Get A Job That Pays 12 Per Hour?

Jobs that pay this hourly rate are common all around the united states, and many companies have various job positions available where you can earn this hourly salary, which allows you to land a job regardless of your Qualification and experience. 

And because of job availability, you don’t need to relocate out of your residing city or state to get hired, which indicates there are chances that you will get a job next to your home!

Some industries where you can make 12 per hour: 

  • Restaurant 
  • Fast Food Companies
  • Food Delivery Companies
  • Retail Companies
  • Merchandise Retailer
  • Warehouse
  • Logistic Companies

The industry or company type we’ve mentioned above is the most prominent and offers jobs that pay $12 per hour more often. But their paycheck isn’t limited to $12/hour; they have innumerable positions, and salaries vary based on responsibility and experience. 

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What Are Some Of The Best Positions That Pays 12 An Hour?

Since we’ve seen some industries above where you can work and earn $12 hourly, Now it’s time to uncover positions you’re most likely to get in those industries, and we’ll briefly explain each position’s responsibilities.

Super Shop and retail shops constantly need sales associates to assist their customers when visiting to purchase goods from their stores. A sales associate is responsible for helping customers find the product they’re looking for and sometimes checking out. 

If you want to establish your career in nursing or as a caregiver, being a personal care assistant would be the best pick. Person care assistants can work directly with the clients or work in a care facility. 

The primary task of a personal care assistant is to help the elderly and disabled people with their personal care, hygiene, preparing meals, and other daily work. 

Nowadays, delivery drivers have more employment opportunities. You can work as a freelance delivery driver by using apps such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, and others, or if you want, you can work for chain restaurants or fast foods such as KFC or Pizza Hut. 

You’ll be responsible for delivering food orders to customers’ doorstep or given locations using bikes or other vehicles. 

Cleaners can work in different settings, especially in homes, offices, and hotels. The work a cleaner does is pretty simple, they clean the house, wash the dishes, and do the beds! 

As a dishwasher, you’ll be responsible for cleaning the kitchen’s utensils and dishes. Dishwashers are also known as kitchen helpers as they’re the ones who help the most to keep the kitchen of a restaurant clean. 

Trust me; there is no other job on our list that’s as entertaining and simple as this one! A dogwalker’s role is to walk the dog routinely (if you work for a permanent client). Dogwalker also feeds and baths dogs.

Waiter works in restaurants where they greet and serve food to customers; working as a waiter is quite tedious, as, throughout your working hours, you’ll need to be on your feet. 

Many companies and offices recruit front desk receptionists to receive customers, handle their queries, and assist them in getting the service for which they visited. 

The jobs we’ve mentioned are widely available, and anyone can secure a job in these positions without struggling too much. But there are many jobs on the market that also pay $12 an hour. To find out more job openings, you can visit the Royal Recruiters Job Openings Page, which has millions of job.

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What Qualification You’ll Need To Get A Job Paying 12 Hourly?

It doesn’t take much Qualification to do a job(s) that pays $12 an hour; you’ll only be required to have particular skills, a mindset to work hard, learn, and basic education. 

The key two Qualification in order to get a job that we’ve stated above or any other job that’ll pay you $12 an hour are:

Age: Almost every job opening in the United States now mandates job applicants to be 18 years old; no matter what the hourly wage is, most of the time, you’ll get to see employers hire those who are at least 18 years old or more.

But there are also exceptions. For positions like dog walker, lawnmower, and similar, you can start work while being 16. 


As the majority of $12 hourly paying jobs on the market are entry-level and friendly for students, employers don’t require higher education; you’ll be viewed as a qualified candidate if you’ve finished a high school diploma or equivalent.

Also, some employers hire candidates pursuing a high school or college degree. 

Is It Possible To Live A Good Life Earning 12 An Hour?

It depends, but most people who get $12 per hour either do it as a side hustle or do another job to cover up their living expenses because it’s really challenging to live with a $12 an hour salary, current groceries, and living expenditures.

And other types of people who seek these types of jobs are freshers and students; for them, an hourly $12 wage is pretty good as they can manage their own expenses and support their education costs. 

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How To Find Jobs That Pay 12 An Hour Near You?

Finding a job that’ll pay $12 an hour isn’t something scarce; as we’ve said, you can easily find a job within your community. The best way to find a job that pays $12/hour is to attend job fairs, visit potential recruiters’ offices or outlets in person, and visit local job sites. 

However, despite the availability, you may find it difficult or spend too much time looking for a job near you. If you want to reduce the hassle and find the best job matching your profile, you can contact Royal Recruiter.

We have a team of expert recruiting agents who’ll help you find jobs near you or in your preferred location as quickly as a flash!