How many jobs are available in marine transportation in 2022

Do you know how many jobs are available in marine transportation in the USA? America to fill up 10000+ marine transporters job in 2022, I’ll not only show you that but also tell you how to get one. Read till the end.

Marine transportation jobs have always been lucrative as the salary is very handsome, and safety is no more an issue. People having a high school degree can study BS in Marine transportation and make themselves competent for different positions available all across the globe. Thousands of cadets are graduating from various academies and finding their way in merchant ships every year. But, the bigger question is – is everyone getting a job just after graduation? Shall you apply via any third party or manage it directly? There is always a problem related to supply and demand. In this article, we will discover the reality and help you measure the availability of marine transportation jobs in the USA. Besides, I will tell you about an online recruiting platform that will help you tailor your bio and get the perfect job you are looking for inside the USA.

How many jobs are available in marine transportation

There are more than one million people are currently serving in the marine transportation or maritime industry here in the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that this industry added more than 66,000 jobs in 2020 alone.

And the marine transportation industry is also expected to add 12% more jobs between 2020-2030, which means nearly 7,800 more jobs! 

However, without the job growth, there are plenty of new jobs available every day in the marine transportation industry, so you don’t need to worry about how many jobs are available in the marine transportation field when searching for jobs.

More and more marine transportation jobs are being added to the list as newer companies are emerging with the demand for more employees. Companies need more ships and ports to carry and load or unload their products, requiring more marine transporter. At present, more than ten thousand maritime transportation jobs are available, and capable candidates are getting those jobs quickly. A proper degree with professional training is opening a new path for many people. You may be a bit perplexed if you go deeper and see the largeness of this industry. Millions of people are working in different posts, and with the increase of industries, marine transportation jobs will be more demanding in the USA in the days ahead.

Why will you choose marine transportation jobs as your career?

Well, jobs are inadequate compared to the number of graduates passing out every year. Companies are looking for technically sound candidates who have better engineering degrees. In the USA, engineers are highly paid, and their living standard is way better than ordinary graduates. In this connection, marine transportation degrees are totally different and completely job-oriented. You have to finish high school and make up your mind whether you want to be in this industry or not. Your jobs will be in your hand if you have the right degree under your belt. There will be agencies to help you in this regard. Royal recruiter is a very well-known institution that can help you find a job without any extra hassle. 

How many jobs are available in marine transportation

How will you get a marine transportation job easily?

As a candidate, you may make mistakes when filling out your application and looking for the perfect job. It’s also possible that your application has already been denied several times due to your incorrect analysis. In this regard, Royal Recruiter will be the finest choice for your employment search. Royal recruiter is an excellent platform that combines cutting-edge technology with highly qualified personnel who will work one-on-one basis for free. At first, they will review your resume without using robots and match your qualifications to the needs of different organizations to discover the specific job you will fit as a Marine transporter. For this, you’ll have to create a profile. Keep that in mind that they won’t charge you anything.

How much can transportation jobs offer?

Marine transportation jobs can offer you more than a hundred thousand dollars per year. If you are just a beginner, you can still start your career from $50000 annually. In California, the annual salary of a marine engineer is $117000. In short, you must not bother yourself with pay. If you can take the challenge and cope with the fast-paced seafarer’s life, you will go ahead and shine in your life.

How many types of marine transportation jobs are available?

There are various posts related to marine transportation degrees. You can be an officer or a seaman. The choice is yours. By completing this degree, you can be —

  • Terminal Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Training Officer
  • Transportation Security Officer
  • Captain
  • Flight Instructor
  • Deck Cadet
  • Third Mate Electrician
  • Cadet 
  • Technician
  • Foreman

You have to be accurate when you choose your subject and the right institution. If you are passionate and very good at science, you can easily take this profession as your career. From time immemorial, oceans have been the easiest path to connect the whole world, and with the development of technology and up-gradation of ships, the business has become more accessible and widespread as a transporter mariner’s demand has always been on top of the list.

What are the requirements of Marine Transportation degrees?

To obtain a marine transportation degree, you must have a high school degree and take the college entrance exam. After the successful completion of your interview, you can start your graduation in the marine science program. There are more than fifteen private and public schools offering these degrees. As a would-be engineer, you have to be very enthusiastic as there will be a lot of extra courses on maritime law, safety procedures, math, and science. After graduation, you will require a continuous discharge certificate to start your career in this industry.

How many jobs are available in marine transportation

What are the challenges of this profession?

I must say that this job is challenging, and in some cases, it is more tiresome than other jobs as you have to stay in the deep sea for an extended period, you will be away from the family members. Besides, there will be seasickness, mental health problems. But, mariners are men of strong willpower, and training institutes design their degrees in such a way that makes people fit for this profession, and so, you will be in less trouble. Remember that life at sea is very beautiful. You will see the unseen and discover life in a completely different form.

Marine transportation jobs will increase in the future as there will be business giants emerging every single day. If you are at the right age, you can decide to choose this career. Your life will be smooth and beautiful.

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