Best Local Truck Driving Jobs [Hiring Near Me]

Local truck driving jobs aren’t similar to long haul or countrywide truck driving as you’ll drive only in town or city. Local Truck Driving Jobs Hiring Near you

Local truck driving jobs will be the best pick for truck drivers who don’t want to go outside of the state, city, or town while driving a truck or spend less time traveling on the road. 

Depending on vehicle class, Local truck driving jobs can make you approximately $83,000 a year! And there are many benefits of local truck driving jobs; this article has the necessary information about local truck driving jobs that you should know.  

What Is A Local Truck Driving Job?

Local truck driving refers to a trucking job where the truck drivers don’t need to travel outside of the state, city, or town. Most of the time, local truck drivers drive on a fixed route or city to deliver goods, parcels, construction materials, and fuel.

Although there can be occasional route changes based on work, but you will be staying in the state or city and can complete nearly all your delivery within 24 hours, and sometimes it can take a bit more if the route is long.

What You Have To Drive In A Local Truck Driving Job

As a local truck driver, you can drive any types of truck you want, or you can drive. The only bound in local truck driving is the route. And there won’t be any other limitations in this career path.

However, the employer will hand over trucks based on your commercial driving license (CDL) and experience. Let’s see some popular truck types used in local truck driving jobs and their CDL requirements.

  • Dry Van Hauler

These kinds of trucks are used for delivering fresh food, beverage, and goods that don’t need to be stored with temperature control. 
Required Driving license: Class A Commercial Driving license

  • Tank Haulers

Companies use tank haulers to transport oil and gas to fuel stations and other industries. 

Required Driving license: Class A Commercial Driving license

  • Car-Carrying Trailer

The only task of car-carrying trailer drivers is to deliver cars from manufacturer to warehouse or dealers. 

Required Driving license: Class A Commercial Driving license

  • Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are trucks with no roof and open flatbeds; these trucks are primarily used to transport woods, heavy equipment vehicles or materials, 

Required Driving license: You can drive with Class A, B, and C Commercial Driving licenses depending on vehicle type.

  • Refrigerated Truck

There are a lot of medicines, foods, or products that have to always be at a controlled temperature; otherwise, they could ruin. Refrigerated trucks are used for transporting goods in this category. 

Required Driving license: Class A or B Commercial Driving license

Best Local Truck Driving Jobs
Pros Of Working As A Local Truck Driver

there are many advantages of working as a local truck driver; these advantages will help you to maintain your career and personal life easily. What are those? Let’s explore

  • Work-life balance

Trucking indeed is one of those professions where work-life balance is extremely difficult. Because at times, truck drivers spend a or several weeks in the street carrying freights.

But in local truck driving, you can live a well-balanced life. Because usually, you’ll complete your trip within a day, and most of your duty will be between 9 to 5 jobs, so at the end of the day, you get to be at home and spend quality time with your family members. 

  •  Safe Driving

Local roads and local truckers’ driving routes are safer than long-haul and other truckers. Also, the accidents ratio on local roads is less, which allows you to be in a secure driving environment.

  • Live Healthy Life 

Local truck drivers maintain their health very well! Because they do not need to forgo sleep for driving trucks all night or struggle with diet plans like truckers in other professions.

Health risks associated with long-haul truck drivers are higher because of their work schedules and being a long time on the road. A survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that truckers who drive overnight or longer routes develop illnesses such as Hypertension, Sleep-deprivation, high cholesterol, Obesity, and Cardiovascular diseases. 


  • Drive Where You Live

Most local truck drivers’ workplaces and work routines stay within the city, which is undeniably a great advantage because you don’t need to travel to another state or city to attend your job.

Disadvantages Of Local Truck Driving

Everything has both perks and drawbacks, in local truck driving jobs are also some disadvantages, but these drawbacks aren’t a big deal, and none of these is going to have any impact on your driving career. 

  • Traffic Jam

One of the preeminent problems of local truck driving is the traffic, as you’ll be only driving through the city or town roads, a good share of your daily work time will be destroyed by excessive traffic jams.

  • Job Competition

Everyone wants to secure a job where they live. As a result, you’ll have to move mountains to get a local trucking job near you. 

  • Salary

The median salary of local truck drivers is lower than the long-haul and truck driver who drive across the country. Many truckers out there prefer to stay with family and live healthily rather than earning higher salaries. 

Which Commercial Driving License Is Required For Local Truck Driving Jobs? 

If you look at job descriptions of local truck driving jobs near you, you’ll find that employers hire truck drivers with any CDL class. You can visit our job search page to see job descriptions of local truck driving jobs near you. 

Are you experienced with driving small vans or trucks? Then class C CDL is enough for you, but if you want to drive bigger trucks, you’ve to get Class A or B CDL in the future. 

And if you’re good at driving large trucks such as car carrying trucks or fuel trucks, class A CDL is a must, and with class A CDL you can drive vehicles from any class. 

Best Local Truck Driving Jobs
How Much Do Local Truck Driving Jobs Pay

Local truck driving jobs pay well; local truck drivers make an annual average salary between $48,000 to $56,000, and most of these earners drive CDL B or C class vehicles. 

Truck drivers who drive fuel tankers, dry van haulers, or similar make a median yearly salary from $60,000 to $83,000. 

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