What Does Dac Stand For? Why It’s Crucial For Truck Drivers

Truck drivers need a DAC report when applying for jobs or in the hiring process. What does DAC stand for? It’s a short form of drive-a-check. Learn why you need a DAC

In the trucking industry, DAC is the acronym for Drive-A-Check. It greatly impacts truckers’ careers because it allows employers to know about their previous working experience and other necessary information.

Whether you’re already a truck driver or want to start your career as a truck driver, then you might have seen the word “DAC.” in job descriptions. This report helps the employers better understand the truck driver’s career, skill, and experience. 

If you’ve seen the term “DAC” and are confused about what DAC stands for and why you should have it. Don’t go hither and thither; we’ve organized this article with every information related to DAC. 

What Does DAC Stand For?

DAC is a shortened form of DRIVE-A-CHECK. It’s a very important report for people who want to be a truck driver or are already in the profession and land a new job.  

Nowadays, having a DAC is inevitable for all truck drivers in the United States, as it helps employers and recruiters to know more about truck drivers. However, there are many companies and trucking jobs where a DAC report is not mandatory.

Why Is DAC Report Important For Truck Drivers?

Drive-a-check contains information on truck drivers’ authentic skills, experience, working history over the last ten years and will the truckers be a good fit for the company. Also, this report allows employers to do background checks on their potential employees easily.

Having a drive-a-check report is important and beneficial for both truck drivers and their employers as it entails all the necessary information that the employer may/should need to know.

Why is a DAC report important? See the reasons below: 

  • Personal Information

A DAC (drive-a-check) report will comprise your personal information, including your name, address, social security number, Date of bird, and commercial driving license number. 

  • Criminal History

With drive-a-check, employers can know if you ever had any criminal record or committed any crime working in any trucking company because Many trucking companies don’t prefer hiring truck drivers with criminal records. 

  • Drug Test

Truck drivers need to stay out of drugs and confirm that they’re not taking any drugs while on duty. To ensure this, they go through drug tests once in a while. And in a drive-a-check report, employers will be able to see how many times a truck driver took drug tests with passing rate. 

  • Previous Employment History

In a drive-a-check (DAC) report, a truck driver’s previous employment history is included with the performance. This lets the future employer know how the truck driver may perform in their company and for which companies the truck driver worked before.

Also, how long a truck driver provided service in each company, the name and information of the previous companies, and whether the companies are still in business. 

  • Violation Record 

Traffic violations play a good role when it comes to hiring a truck driver; a drive-a-check report also shows how many times a truck driver violated traffic rules and what are the most common traffic violation. 

  • Field Of Expertise

Different truck drivers are skilled at driving various types of vehicles; for example, some are skilled at hauling tank trucks, while others are at driving flatbed and vented trucks.

Your drive-a-check report will let your probable employers know, what category vehicle suits you the best, and what types of truck you’re comfortable at driving. 

  • Accident History

The Drive-a-Check report will also contain the accident history of the past ten years, along with the causes of the accidents and whether or not the incidents were serious. 

  • Reason For leaving Jobs

In the drive-a-check, they’ll also mention the reason(s) for leaving your previous work and how satisfied your employer was with you upon your leave. 

what does dac stand for

How To Get a DAC Report?

Currently, HireRight is the one and only company that is working with drive-a-check (DAC) reports. Note that HireRight is not any kind of government organization or a sister concern of the government. 

This is a private company owned by HireRight Holdings, but thousands of employers trust the drive-a-check report provided by this company. To get your drive-a-check (DAC) report, visit the HireRight Website and go to the request a copy of my DAC report section; if you cannot find that, just click on this LINK. It’ll redirect you to the registration page. 

After registration and filling up the form with all the necessary information, HireRight will take up to 15 working days to deliver your drive-a-check report by mail because drive-a-check reports are not provided in any digital forms. 

How Much Does A DAC Report Cost?

HireRight provides drive-a-check (DAC) reports at a lower cost; please check the website of HireRight to learn about the cost of getting a drive-a-check report, and every year HireRight will give you a free copy of your DAC report. You’ll have to pay $9.50 extra for each copy if you need an extra copy. 

What Should You Do In Terms Of Wrong Information?

Although HireRight tries its very best to include accurate information on the drive-a-check (DAC) report, but it is still better to double-check if there is any wrong or incorrect information.

There are many trucker drivers who claim that their previous employers give HireRight incomplete or misinformation about their performance and profession. So, what should you do when you find any wrong information?

HireRight allows all the truck drivers to disputer over anything they regard as inaccurate or incomplete, and you can submit a request that you dispute a specific thing; they’ll take care of that within 45 days. 

To raise your dispute over something, all you’ve to do is visit there. I WANT TO DISPUTE THE ACCURACY OF MY BACKGROUND CHECK

Is The DAC Report Trustworthy?

There is a lot of controversy about the trustworthiness and correctness of the drive-a-check (DAC) report. As per many truck drivers, HireRight embraces or includes information on the drive-a-check (DAC) report without verifying it.

But despite the claims and controversies, the drive-a-check report is still popular among truck drivers and transportation companies. 

what does dac stand for

Can DAC Report Impact On My Trucking Career?

Yes, the drive-a-check report will impact your trucking career if your drive-a-check (DAC) report includes negative reviews from former employers, accident history, and other things.  

Then your potential employer(s) will have a bad impression on you, which may lead many companies to turn their back on you. For this, try to follow all the rules given by the company and the government to have a good drive-a-check (DAC) report


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