Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers Career

If you own a car and looking to earn some extra cash daily or on the weekend. Being Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers will be the best choice.

The ridesharing industry isn’t limited to transporting passengers anymore! Now you can deliver products/goods with your vehicle on behalf of prominent logistics companies. 

This article is a must-read for those who own a vehicle and want to earn by delivering packages at their convenient time. Let’s explore who personal vehicle delivery drivers are and what this career offers. 

Who Are Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers?

People who drive their vehicles to deliver packages instead of companies to customers’ doorstep. A Personal vehicle delivery driver can be full or part-time employees of logistics companies, it’s up to the employees they can choose what they want! 

The main difference between a personal vehicle delivery driver and a contractual employee of delivery companies is that a personal vehicle delivery driver can decide how many packages they want to deliver, but this varies from employer to employer. 

Where Do Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers Work? 

There are no barriers or limits to personal delivery driving jobs. Nowadays, most companies seek personal delivery drivers to ship the packages to consumers as the package flow is all-time high and requires more human resources. 

Let’s see where does the personal vehicle delivery drivers work: 

  • Parcel Service Companies

A large number of personal vehicle delivery drivers work for parcel service companies such as UPS (United parcel service), FedEx, Aramex, USA Courier Service, and DHL. 

Among the companies above, UPS offers the most jobs

  • Online Retailers

On and offline retail giants like Amazon and Walmart also have similar options for vehicle owners. At Amazon, they call it Amazon Flex and spark driver in Walmart. However, Walmart’s system is a bit different. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers?

You may not be working as a full/part-time employee of a particular company, but as a personal delivery driver, you’ll perform almost the same role as a full/part-time delivery driver. What are the duties you’ll have to do? Let’s find out

  • Picking packages

The duty of a personal vehicle delivery driver starts by picking up the packages from the nearest sortation center or warehouse.

  • Route Selection

Many companies let the personal vehicle driver go for the desired delivery route, while others will pre-select your delivery route. 

  • Updating Data

When you hand the packages to the customer, you’ll have to take photos and upload them into the database to confirm delivery. 

  • Deliver Packages

Package delivery companies’ typical working hours are between 9 am to 8 pm, and you’ll have to deliver all the packages within the working hours.  

personal vehicle delivery driver

What Types Of Vehicle Do You Need?

It’s not mandatory to have a specific type of vehicle to become a personal vehicle delivery driver. And you can be a package delivery driver with vehicles of any category! 

But there are some ideal size vehicles that many personal vehicle delivery drivers use. Those are: 

  • Mid Size sedans
  • SUVs
  • Pickups

Requirements To Become A Personal Vehicle Delivery Driver?

Although you will not work as a full-time employee, you must meet the minimum requirements to work as a personal vehicle delivery driver. 

The following requirements are must if you want to become a personal vehicle delivery driver:

  • Driving License

After owning a vehicle, the vital requirement to have is a driving license. And your driving license should not have any driving violations in the last two to three years. 

  • Age

In United parcel service and Amazon, the minimum age requirement is 21. But other companies also hire those who are 18 years old

  • Insurance

Auto insurance is also necessary to work for companies as a personal vehicle delivery driver. You’ll need to show proof of auto insurance to ensure that your or the insurance will take the liability of the vehicle if any damage/accident occurs.  

Can You Deliver Packages With Rent Vehicles?

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a vehicle. Can those with valid driving licenses become personal vehicle delivery drivers with rented cars?

Yes, people with rented vehicles can also become personal vehicle delivery drivers. In such scenarios, you’ll need to submit all the paperwork and show the insurance of the rented vehicle  

How Much Do Personal Vehicle Delivery Drivers Earn

The earnings of personal vehicle delivery drivers depend on factors like how many days and hours they work in a week/month. On average, they earn between $18 to $30 per hour. 

The median salary of personal vehicle delivery drivers ranges from $20,000 to $40,000. How to earn the highest? It’s easy to earn $40,000 a year if you work at least four days a week. However, it is difficult for those who already have a job, but working two or three days a week can earn you over $25,000

personal vehicle delivery driver

Pros And Cons Of Being A Personal Vehicle Delivery Driver

You’ll have some advantages and disadvantages in a personal vehicle delivery driver career.


  • Flexible Schedule & Route

Whether you’re a student or already doing a job, you can choose your flexible shifting when working as a personal vehicle delivery driver. Also, companies will let you choose your preferred route! 

  • Reimbursements

Yes, you can expect your employers to pay for your vehicle’s maintenance and other inspection costs! Please be informed that reimbursements policy varies from company to company, and not all employers give/have this policy.

  • Wage

A personal vehicle delivery driver’s minimum wage isn’t like any ordinary part-time job. You’ll be able to earn as much as a full-time employer makes! This helps students to help them support their studies, and job holders to make a few thousand extra each month.

  • Job availability

The number of delivery driving jobs is increasing sharply, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2030, each year, more than 190,000 new delivery truck driving jobs will land in the job market. 

This means you can turn your side hustle into full-time employment!


  • Owning a car

To be a personal vehicle delivery driver, it’s better to have a car than to rent one, and if you don’t have a vehicle/car, you will have to consider spending a few thousand, which can be a hurdle for many.

  • Reaching Target

You’ve to deliver a certain amount of packages during your working hours. And it’s an obligation to complete all the delivery within the time frame 


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