How Much Is 5 Figures And What The Jobs are?

Making a 5 figures salary is quite easy. How much is 5 figures? If someone earns $10,000 to $99,999 per year, that’s known as a 5 figures salary.

Almost every job here in the US pays 5 figures salary. Even someone working as a part-timer also earns five figures. because earning a five-figure doesn’t require too much education and skill.

Though there are variations in the earning, for instance, a highly experienced person can earn close to $99,999 a year while less skilled individuals earn an average from $45,540 to $68,533.

If you don’t know about 5 figures jobs or are keen to know more about the highest-paying 5 figure jobs. Read on. We’ll guide you.

What is 5 figure salary?

As we said earlier, if anyone earns a paycheck ranging from  $10,000 to $99,999 is regarded as a five-figure salary.

But not everyone earns the lowest or the highest in 5 figure jobs. To have a better understanding, we can classify five figures jobs into three sections, LOW, MEDIAN, and HIGH five figures salary.

Here we’ll discuss the categories, and later in this article, we will mention a few jobs that pay the highest 5 figure salary.

Low five-figure earners

A mass number of people start their careers as low earners. Or we can say this is the salary for career starters. Job openings in this category usually recruit job seekers with less skill and education.

The salary range for low-five figures stays between $10,000 to $40,000. 

Median five-figure earners

Most people here in the united states earn a year’s median of $67,521(according to research done in 2022). And if someone earns above $40,000 and less than $70,000 a year will be counted as a median earner.

Mostly the skilled and experienced workers earn this salary range. And sometimes, low-five-figure earners with two jobs may also be able to make this much money in a year.

High five-figure earners

Being in this club isn’t easy. People in high 5 figure jobs yearly take $70,000 to $99,999 home a year! And to be here, one needs to have the perfect mix of dedication, experience, and hard work.

And only a handful percentage personnel in the USA or North America earn this figure. Also, many of them can swiftly rise to six-figure positions!

What Are The Best 5 Figure Salary Jobs?

Maybe there are millions of jobs available out there that pay 5 figure salaries to their employees. But what are the best jobs for earning 5 figures? 

We’ll state a few jobs in the list below out of thousands which are suitable for both expert and inexpert people.

Jobs that require less or no experience at all:

  • Painter

Painting is a popular career choice for many people because it is simple to enter and requires little or no prior experience, and there is a huge demand for skilled painters.

A painter earns an average of $38,000 to $67,604 a year.

  • Truck driver

To become a truck driver, you must have a driving license and previous working or driving experience as a trucker. However, it doesn’t take too much time to become one. And truck driving career is also promising. 

Truck drivers earn $33,400 and $78,550 per year. You can also know detail about 

How much does a truck driver make a month?

  • Dog Walker

Nobody can deny their affection for dogs. Some people, on the other hand, are absolutely smitten with them! It’.

Are you one of them and want to make a good amount of money from it?. Then being a  should be your first priority. You can either opt-in as a part-timer or a full-time dog walker.

Dog walkers earn a median of $29,921 and go as much as $48,000 a year for a good dog walker.

Food Delivery

Another growing sector and easy to get a job is food delivery services. Food delivery changed the perspective of the delivery industry by storm and is predicted to become $192.16 billion in 2025.

One can start working for delivery companies without having a bike or car! Food delivery drivers in the United States can earn $39,500 to $61,050/ year, excluding tips.

how much is 5 figures

Jobs for skilled and experienced: 

  • Event Planner

Whether on occasions or gatherings, you’ll find a person who goes by the title of event planners no matter where you go.

Though their job is stressful. But they also pocket a hefty amount of money ranging from $51,040 to $82,440

  • Software Engineer

One of the favorite jobs of tech-savvy guys is to work as a software Engineers. Some firms seek computer graduates to work for them; they also prefer self-learners with advanced skills and experience may also be hired.

New software engineers may expect to make roughly $43,010 per year, while more experienced ones earn up to $97,030

  • Industrial engineer

People think corporate or industry jobs are banal, but this does not apply to every sector. An industrial engineer is responsible for increasing work efficiency and keeping it constant.

An industrial engineer makes an annual of around $53,449 to $92,550.

  • Lawyer

Property damage, starting a business, or anything you could think of will need to have a lawyer in it. Lawyers earn approximately from $37,212 to $89,503 a year.

Is 5 Figure Salary Enough For Living a Pleasant Life?

If you’re earning a median 5 figure salary. Fortunately, you’re not alone; more than half of all Americans make this much every year. I know it’s surprising! And guess what? They’re also making a good living out of it.

But will you be able to lead a decent living off of it? The answer completely depends on your expenditure nature. If you can avoid unnecessary spending. Then we assure you that you will be able to dwell even better than some people.

Can I promote Myself To 6 Figure jobs From 5 Figure?

YES! Only if you want to progress further in your career and want to excel yourself. Royal Recruiter has seen people advance in their careers and make their way to the 6 figure salary team.

Here are a few ideas to help you succeed in your career and move futher into a higher salary range.

  • Learn additional skills
  • Train yourself
  • Earn Academic Degree
  • Try to give your best in the workplace
  • Do voluntary work
  • Learn from failure

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