Who Are The picker and packers? How To Get A picker and packer Job?

The picker and packer job is the best for entry-level full-timers and people who want to do part-time jobs. Also, getting a picker and packers job is easy

Pickers and packers are those who handle packages and other items in a variety of work settings. In addition to handling packages, pickers and packers also need to do many things. 

Pickers and packers jobs are super easy to get in because jobs are available within your reach and require less qualification to secure a position. Read to know more about who the pickers and packers are, their responsibilities, and how to get a picker and packer job

Who Are The Picker And Packers?

Pickers and packers are professionals working in different sectors such as super shops, carrier facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses. Pickers & Packers are the ones who collect the product from the racks once customers place their order and then package it and prepare it for delivery.

Besides, a picker and packer also have to do many things, which is why their position and role are important in their workplaces. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Picker And Packer?

The job title may suggest that the only responsibility of the picker and packer job is to pick the product or item from shelves and package it. No, your duties as a picker and packer are not limited to this. 

Picking and packing is only the focused task, and to complete this task, you’ll do a variety of other tasks. Below are the responsibilities you’ll do in a picker and packer job. 

  • Load and unload

As a picker and packer, you’ll unload the goods and products arriving at your workplace and help the delivery driver or trucker load items in order while packages are dispatched. 

  • Record

Every product you handle must be documented on specific interfaces or devices you’ll use in your work setting. It helps you and your employer to track the products easily. 

  • Labeling

Once you’re done with the packaging, you’ll attach tags, labels and additional shipment information like the package recipient address. This reduces the chance of packages getting lost and delivers the correct packages to the correct customer. 

  • Reporting Missing Packages

You may sometimes encounter scenarios where you’ve been instructed to collect an item from the racks, but the item is missing. Or you’ve packed the item and loaded it into the delivery vehicle, but the driver claims the package is missing.

You’ll have to report to your supervisor or senior in such cases. 

  • Using Equipment

Shelves and racks in warehouses and distribution centers are large in height, and to get products from such height; you may require to use equipment like hand cranes.

  • Ensuring a safe workplace

Safety rules and regulations are strictly maintained in pickers’ and packers’ working fields. For this, they need to ensure the workplace is neat and safe for them, their co-workers and other workers. 

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Requirements To Get A Picker And Packer Job

In every company, picker and packer jobs are easy to obtain. This position is more focused on skills rather than qualifications. However, to get a job, you should have the qualification mentioned below: 

  • Education: Education qualification for picker and packer jobs varies from company to company. In some companies, we’ve noticed they set the minimum education requirement to a high school diploma or equivalent, whereas, in many companies, they set it to a college degree. 

So, to find out the educational requirements in companies, just go through their job description. 

  • Certification (optional): You will have an extra advantage in your job application if you have a certification in the supply chain or related field. Although certification is optional, many people are doing picker and packer jobs part-time or have just started their career with this job.

What Skills Are Needed For Picker And Packers Job? 

We said above that the picker and packer job is based on skills. Because of this, if you have the right skill but have a low education qualification, even so, you will be qualified for this job.

Mandatory skills to get a picker and packer job: 

  • Physical Strength

The picker and packer job responsibility requires individuals working in this position to have robust physical strength and stamina since you’ll spend most of your working hours standing and moving heavy items, products, and packages from one place to another and loading and unloading.  

If you’re not physically fit, you’ll find yourself exhausted after 2 to 3 hours of work, due to which being physically strong is mandatory.

  • Tech knowledge

Now every industry uses various devices and other tools to track and keep records of products. Your employer(s) will educate you about the functionality and have the minimum tech literature to master the usage quickly. 

  • Multitasking

Are you comfortable doing multiple things at a time with accuracy and without being distracted? If yes, you’ll adjust to your work setting right after joining! Because pickers and packers stay engaged with several responsibilities at once. 

  • Time Management

You’ll have to have good time management skills if you plan to work as a picker or packer in the delivery industry. The delivery process may be delayed if you do not manage your time well, which is not expected.

  • Communication skill

In a picker and packer job, Communication skills are also vital; you’ll constantly interact with your co-workers and other colleagues to meet deadlines and get the products ready for shipment. 

  • Organizational Skill

Organizational skills help you and other people working with you easily manage the tasks. You’ll mess up your workplace and work order if you don’t have organizational skills.

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How Much Picker And Packer Job Pay?

The salary of a picker and packer job is good if we consider the qualifications this position requires. The average full-time picker and packer job pays around $39,000 per year! 

And the high earner makes nearly $50,000 a year, but it takes years to become a high earner in the picker and packer industry. The median salary for fresher and part-timer is between $20,000 to $32,000. 

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