How much does a roofer make?

Don’t you want to know How much does a roofer make Before starting your career as one of them? And what are the requirements for a roofer job?

How much does a roofer make? On average, a roofer makes between $35,000 to $47,000 yearly.

If you’re a person who doesn’t want to work in a corporate office environment. Or you think you have had enough and want to switch your career to another sector. Then you may pursue a roofing profession as a roofer, which is quite gratifying.

The salary that roofers make is quite compelling. The work itself, on the other hand, is physically demanding. As a roofer, you’ll be required to spend most of your time on the roof, so being physically active is too important.

As you’ll be operating with a variety of tools or pieces of equipment. And you’ve got to carry them with you while climbing to the roof and while moving around on the roof inspecting it.

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What do the roofers do?

Did you ever notice someone with a cap and bunch of equipment attached to their body working on the roof, replacing or repairing the roof tiles, slates or shingles? They are known as roofers, and their job is to install and repair roofs.

Sounds challenging, right? Yes, it is. Being a roofer is not a job for the faint of heart. If you want to make good money out of it as a roofer. You must dedicate yourself to your task regardless of the weather conditions in your locality.

However, If you prefer to be comfortable with your job, in that case, you may/must have to relocate to a location where the weather is favorable, and you may work without interruption or hassle.

Nature of Roofer jobs

You’ll have various options to get started with roofing jobs. For example, you can be a self-employed roofer, independent contractor, or permanent employee of a roofing service company.

Roofers with having 1-2 years of working experience prefer to start their own business because it’s easy to be adept at Roofing, and one can make more money as a roofer than being employed by someone else.

But the job is not that easy that you can obtain all the skills required for the job on your own. So it’s advised to start career with an organization.

However, a roofer’s work is not so simple that you can learn all of the skills necessary for the position on your own. So, it is recommended that you begin your career with an organization.

How much does a roofer make

Income as a roofer 

A roofer makes an annual salary of $48,214 on average in the United States. However, the income of a roofer is entirely dependent on the level of skills that he has. To know in-depth, We may split the earnings of roofers into three categories—rookie, mid-level and deft.

A novice roofer might expect to earn between $16 and $18 per hour, but a roofer with medium expertise can potentially make between $18 and $20 an hour. Roofers with advanced skills earn much more money than their less-skilled counterparts; they can earn up to a whopping $27 per hour.

Another factor you should keep in mind is that minimum wage also varies depending on the state you live in because the living expenditures are not the same all over the United States.

For example, South Dakota and Mississippi pay the lowest hourly wages, ranging from $14.70 to $14.95. In addition, New York and New Jersey have the highest wages, ranging from $30.23 to $28.49 per hour. Other states, like Utah, Michigan, and Idaho, pay between $18 and $20 per hour.

Things a roofer should be concerned of

Despite the hefty salary that roofers make. The safety of roofers on the job is a major issue for everyone. According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), roofers are more likely to encounter injuries than any other work category.

Roofers’ work is quite laborious; because, unlike other professions, you will not be able to work on a level surface since the majority of roof types in the United States are Gable Roofs. As a result, you’ll find it tough to maintain your balance at first, but you’ll soon become used to it.

However, no matter how experienced you are, you must maintain vigilance since even a little amount of neglect might result in terrible injury.

This work may be problematic for people who are afraid of heights because the standard roof height is about 9 feet in the united states if you have a fear of heights. You can’t continue your work as a roofer.

Requirements to be eligible for a roofer job

Unlike every other job. You’re also expected to meet minimum criteria in order to start your career as a roofer.

  • Education

Having a high school diploma is a good have, but not necessary to have all the time. But If you have a vocational or certified training course on Roofing, it will be regarded as a plus.

  • Physical strength

As you have already figured out, this work demands a significant amount of physical labor. So if you’re energetic and athletic, don’t give yourself a second thought for this job.

  • Management

You will have to work with a few people as a group. For this, You must be a team player in order to comply with the demands of your team members effortlessly.

Career prospects

Royal recruiter never noticed any decline in roofing jobs. But it, the demand is following a solid uptrend as the number of real estate is increasing in the US every year.

With the increasing and existing number of homes, the job demand from the employer is expected to grow 5% from 2020 to 2030

And roofs are typically fragile and will decay no matter what. So the need for roofing services and roofing jobs will always be available on the market.

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