Why choose 1st shift Jobs [1st Shift Jobs Hiring Near Me]

Jobs, where you’ve to work from 9 am to 5 am, are known as 1st shift jobs. Want to know more? Here you’ll know the best 1st shift jobs and 1st shift jobs near me

First(1st )shift jobs are the most common working schedule in the industry, and you’ll find 1st shift jobs hiring near you easily because it’s rare to find any sector where they don’t offer 1st shift working opportunities. 

In this article, you’ll get to know nearly everything about 1st shift jobs, including first shift jobs hiring near you. 

What is 1st shift jobs? 

First shift jobs are also called day shift or morning shift jobs. It refers to a work schedule where working hours start from 9 in the morning and end at 5 in the afternoon.

We can also say that a company or industry starts its operation with 1st shift jobs because from blue-collar to white-collar jobs and offices, hospitals to construction sites, everyone offers 1st shift jobs.

Some best positions and work settings where first shift is the main working shift:

  • Administrative officer

In almost every office, this position is essential. They provide all sorts of administrative support, including customer service, maintaining office supplies, data management, and more.

  • Accountant

Finance is the backbone of a successful business. From small retail shops to multinational companies, everyone hires Accountants to keep and track financial records, generate budgets and tax returns for the business, monitor the overall company’s expenditure, and help minimize it. 

  • Lawn Mower

These people take care of private and commercial lawns, gardens, and parks; a lawn mower cuts and trims grass and trees, fertilizes them, and treats any disease related to grass and trees.

1st shift jobs near me
  • Caregiver

Caregivers can work in different caregiving facilities. For example, they can work in nursing homes, assisted living communities, continuing care retirement communities, and patient homes. 

  • Babysitter

A babysitter plays the role of a parent with the babies in the absence of their mother or father. Babysitters do everything for the baby that their parents should’ve done, from making to feeding food, playing and teaching, 

Babysitter mainly works in private homes or babysitting facilities. 

  • Marketing Associate

Every industry wants someone to promote and reach their products and services to the consumer, and Marketing Associates are those who perform the task for them. A marketing associate brings out the best strategy and methods to do so.

  • Jobs in Law firms 

Besides working as a Lawyer, there are many other jobs available in law firms for those who aren’t law graduates! We know it’s hard to believe, but positions like Court Usher, Licensed Conveyancer, Process Server, Legal Writer. 

  • Banks

Banks are the one and only firms where they strictly follow the 1st shift working hours! Because you won’t find any Banks operating after 6 pm. Like law firms, Banks also have numerous job positions for both graduates and non-graduates.

  • Human Resource Admins 

When you join a company or organization, the person responsible for hiring and managing you is the Human Resource Admin. Though they work in every industry, but their work hours stay between 7 am to 6 pm.  

1st shift jobs near me
  • Mail Carrier

Mails are generally delivered before evening because mails are important and need to be delivered on the day assigned. The mail carrier collects and delivers thousands of mail to the recipient during a workday. 

  • Sanitation Workers

All types of sanitation workers work during the first shift, whether they work on the street or corporate office. They clean the road, collect the waste from bins, and sometimes take garbage to the recycling plant.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators in the construction and mining sites work mostly under the sun, as it’s safe to operate large equipment in daylight, and operators also prefer to work on the first shift. 

What’s  the difference between 1st shift jobs and the rest?

There are many dissimilarities between 1st shift and 2nd and 3rd shift jobs, but their working hours and the kind of company they work for are most significant. How? Let’s break it down 

Working Hours:- 

2nd shift jobs and third shift jobs working hours start from 3 pm or 6 pm and go all the way to 11 pm, or 7 in the morning! 

Company types:-

  • Barista
  • Restaurant jobs
  • Warehouse worker/associate
  • Call Center Representative
  • Receptionist
  • Security guards (works 24/7)
  • Front desk services
  • Retail worker (works 24/7)
  • Delivery Driver (works 24/7)
Reasons To Choose 1st shift Jobs

The question arises, “Why choose first shift jobs when there are other shifts?” Some benefits are the main reason to choose 1st shift jobs instead of other shifts.

A few benefits are: 

  • Healthy Living

Being healthy and fit should get the most priority while doing a job because your career can make you healthy and ill at the same time! And researchers found that working on other (2nd or 3rd ) shifts causes harm to the sleeping cycle and develops diseases such as diabetes, Obesity, and mood swings. 

  • Stay Lively

Humans don’t stay productive and lively 24/7; we need to take rest, sleep, and what not? Scientists discovered we remain effective and active mostly in the morning, from 8 am to 6 pm.  

  • Time to enjoy yourself

After finishing your working hours, you’ll have plenty of free time to spend with friends and family or doing workouts. Whereas if you work other shifts, you will return home at night and sleep for the entire day.

  • Being Organized

First shift jobs will help you be more organized with your time and tasks. Cause you’ve to finish all your responsibilities within office hours, and plan what to do for the next day.

1st shift jobs near me
Disadvantages of First shift jobs

Every shift has some drawbacks. The notable one is timing issues, but in the first shift jobs, you’ll not face any issues with office hours; rather, you’re going to be in a hurry as traffic in the morning could take hours from you. 

Secondly, some employees complain about their work-life balance with first shift jobs; though the claim is undeniable, but being more punctual can reduce the problem. 

Find 1st shift jobs Hiring near you

Joining a first shift job is quite easy only if you meet the employers’ requirements. And you can secure a position in those sectors easily which we’ve mentioned above. 

So, how to find 1st shift jobs near you faster? 

  • Look out for job posters near your residing location
  • Visit websites of renowned employers and go through career options, or drop cv to know when positions are available 
  • Use job search websites like Indeed, Zippia, or Royal Recruiter

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