What Kind Of Jobs Are In Personal Care Post

The personal care industry is massive, and there are many jobs in personal care post, which allows you to get a job in your preferred personal care industry

Personal care is a vast and versatile career in the healthcare industry. And there are a variety of personal care job positions and posts available to meet the needs of different types of patients. 

Although the designation or name of the personal care post-change depends on the healthcare industry, their job responsibilities are somewhat the same regardless of their working field or title.

This article is for you if you’re confused about which personal care position would be the best for you, what kinds of jobs are available in personal care posts, and more information related to the personal care post. 

What Is Personal Care Job?

The primary task of a personal care worker is to look after the patients or people they will work with. Only the people with special needs require the service and help from a personal care worker as most of these individuals are not capable of taking care of themselves on their own.

Since they work with people who can’t do much on their own, Personal Care Workers need countless jobs. Let’s see the common work responsibilities of personal care workers:

  • Assisting The Patients

Most elderly and disabled patients use specialized medical tools to walk around their homes or go shopping; personal care workers help them use those tools safely and help them walk or go to the nearest places. 

As a personal care worker, you’ll also need to help the patients doing laundry, dishes and cooking. However, it varies from employer to employer.

  • Personal Hygiene

Personal care workers also help people to maintain their hygiene. They assist them in bathing, grooming and cleaning their houses. When caring for children, personal care workers teach them how to maintain personal hygiene and assist them in bathing and toileting.

  • Monitoring Health

One of personal care workers’ major responsibilities is monitoring the health condition of elderly, severely ill and disabled patients as their health conditions are more likely to fall at any point.

You’ll check for symptoms and their blood pressure or any reaction to medicines while you stay with them, and if you notice any changes, you’ll instantly notice the designated nurse or doctor of the patient.  

Generally, a personal care worker performs these tasks, but they will also do more depending on their industry, which you will explain briefly based on their position.

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What Kind Of Jobs Are In Personal Care Post?

Myriad personal care posts are available today in the health and personal care industry. In this article, we’re only going to explore those career paths which have good career prospects and demand in the United States. 

Best jobs in personal care positions are:

This personal care post is one of the most demanding in the USA. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for home health and personal care aides will increase by 33% within 2030. 

What do they do? Home health and personal care aides primarily work with people with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses. In most cases, these patients live at home or are confined to care facilities.

When family members are on vacation or not able to take the proper care of their children, they hire a nanny. The responsibilities of a nanny are simple; they’ll visit the home of their clients and will stay on a live-in or out basis.  

Nannies mostly work with one or more children belonging to a single family and do everything their parents would have done. The range of services offered by nannies includes feeding, personal development, and socialization.

These people work in various work settings and work closely with elderly, disabled, and bedridden senior citizens. The responsibilities of senior care providers and home health/personal care aides are the same. 

As goes with their designation, a personal care advisor advises single individuals or their family members regarding how they can care for themselves to recuperate from illness and have a healthy lifestyle. 

Orderly works mainly in hospitals and medical facilities; they work with a number of patients in a hospital ward and help them dress, clean their personal belongings, and move them to different places of medical facilities for conducting tests. 

They also work beside the nurse and medical professionals to assist them when necessary.

A support worker’s responsibility is to support and help physically and mentally challenged people to improve their quality of life and reach their potential. 

Child care workers’ role is to look after children and increase their learning ability and early development. They work with children aged one to twelve, but most child care workers work with children below six. 

What Are The Work Settings Of Personal Care Positions?

Your work setting will depend on your position and your employer. For example, if you work in a senior care facility, you may work in the care facility or in the patient’s house. 

And it’s a big advantage of working in a personal care position, as you can choose your workplace, but keep in mind that not all employers offer the flexibility to choose work settings. 

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Requirements To Work In Personal Care?

Personal care positions/posts we’ve mentioned above require low qualifications, and not only the ones we mentioned, but almost all the personal care posts demand less qualification from job seekers. 

In order to land a personal care job, you must have the minimum educational qualification, which can be a high school diploma, equivalent, or completion of a similar trade school program. 

And if you want to be a healthcare advisor, you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree in public health or related. 

Secondly, keep in mind that employers may hire candidates who do not have any prior experience, but you will not be hired if you don’t have the necessary skills. 

Some of the essential skills of a personal care worker are: 

  • Empathy

You must understand the emotion of your clients to provide them better care service and emotional support. 

  • Friendliness

Friendliness is a skill that helps you build a good relationship with the clients and get their trust. 

  • Respectful

All personal care workers need to be respectful to their clients, as sometimes clients, especially older people, can get angry, and you can’t be disrespectful to them. 

How Much Do Personal Care Jobs Pay

The average yearly salary for Personal Care workers ranges from $32,948 to $46,863, with an average hourly pay of $16. And salary could go over $50,000 for the experienced.