How To Land A Job Within A Month – 7 Proven Tips To Get Hired Fast.

Getting a Job is often called the golden ticket to stability. But, as you know, there are stages of screening you need to pass to get hired. So, looking for a job in this competitive market is not an easy task. Most applicants find this process stressful. It also becomes frustrating if you keep applying and don’t get accepted. Still, successful people make through and find a job opening to start their careers. On the other end, Hiring is a tough task where recruiters and HR professionals consider different small factors to judge a job applicant. In order to have your best shot at a job, make sure you ace at every small section of your application and job interview.

What is the difference between 5persons who make it to the interview and 495others who get rejected? What makes the job applicant who gets hired fast unique?
In this article, we will explore some crucial tips that can help any candidates to land a job within the best possible time. (Yes, 1Month!)

Tip 1: Focus your search based on your strengths and career goals. 

Before searching for jobs, you need to determine your career goals. The first thing is to identify what type of career you are looking for. Secondly, note down your work experience, educational qualifications, and skills. Based on these, look for the positions in your desired field or job industry. Match positions that you are qualified for. Depending on the number of jobs available, you may need to widen your search outside your preferred industry. Make use of the advanced search filters available on major job boards such as Indeed or, Glassdoor.

While shortlisting jobs to apply for, make sure that job matches your profile and you have a decent chance to be selected for the interview. Research shows that applicants applying in over 46 jobs were only 4% more likely to get hired than those who applied in less than 10. So, don’t apply randomly just for the purpose of applying – Apply Consciously!

Tip 2: Apply On-Time & Keep Track of Your Selected Job Openings.

The primary requirement in order to be considered as a candidate is applying on time. After you have shortlisted job openings to apply for, make sure you track all of them in a spreadsheet. Apply before the deadline and make sure to submit the required documents accordingly. Try to apply early as soon as the job opens. Early applications are given more time in screening, which increases the chances of getting to the next stage. Don’t forget to check your email to see if there is a reply from any company. Make sure to check the job board regularly to see if an opening for your dream job pops up. Update your spreadsheet if you find more jobs to apply for.

Tip 3: Personalize your resume and cover letter.

The prerequisite of being an ideal candidate is having a perfect resume and cover letter. Your resume is your only representation in the primary screening process. A hiring manager will scan a resume for a few seconds and make their decision to select you or not. But, for you, it’s your make or break opportunity for the interview. So, make sure you give your best to perfect your resume and cover letter. You should write a personalized cover letter for every company you apply for. Your cover letter should not be a repeat of your resume. Rather, your cover letter should tell the employer why you are a perfect match for the company and how you can be a valuable addition to their workforce. You can also include how you believe in the company’s goals and can help their business thrive. Just like your cover letter, you should have a polished and professional-looking resume.

An ideal resume should be:
a) Free from all sorts of typos and grammatical errors. Must be Written in official fonts.
b) Contain required information about your qualification, skills, work experience, and references.
c) Provide clear and concise details regarding your work experience or projects.
d) Should be structured according to present standards.

  1. e) Highlight certain skills and experience required by that position.While a resume should be attractive and easy, content is more important than the look nowadays. The last advice is very important as almost all job applications are online and are going to be primarily checked by Applicant Tracking Software(ATS). The job-description includes the required skills and experiences for the position. So, make sure you include all the required skill keywords relating to the position in the resume. If you are applying for jobs in different industries, make sure to have different templates of your resume as skill requirements differ from one industry to another.

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Tip 4: Follow Up With a Thank You Note after the interview.

Regardless of whether you have heard back or not, it’s quite important to followup after a few days of the interview. Send up a thank you note to state that you really appreciate the opportunity. Reiterate why you want to work for the company and how the opportunity excites you. Include your contact information so that they can easily reach you if they have any further questions.
This lets the hiring manager you are sincerely interested in the position.

Tip 5: Be Yourself & Engage Confidently during the interview.

Be Yourself in the interview. Most employers and hiring managers have a good amount of experience in interviewing candidates. So, they can easily understand how rehearsed answers and fake smiles look like. Dress professionally in a formal attire that you are comfortable in. Sit Straight and make eye contact to express your confidence. Nod occasionally while listening to them. Storytelling is often a good way to showcase your skills and experience. Rather than generic answers try to provide specific answers in an interview.
Here are some Bonus Tips for the interview:
a) Prepare: Prepare for the interview. Practice the most common interview questions in your industry with your friend or a family member. Work on to nail your Elevator Pitch. (Elevator Pitch is that one-minute introduction where you tell who you are, what can you do and what are you looking for)
b) Research: Research about the company’s goals and culture before the interview. It will help to answer better how you contribute to the company. It will also show your preparedness for the interview.

  1. c) Respond: Respond sincerely and confidently to all the questions. Give to the point answers and elaborate as necessary. Express your skills and knowledge while answerings questions. Share examples from your past experiences and show how you helped your team or contributed to the company.
  2. d) Be Positive: Show your positiveness while answering different questions about you and your past experiences. Never say anything bad about your past employers. Many candidates make this mistake by bad mouthing about their previous boss while answering why he left the previous job. This can leave a bad impression about your character and personality.

Tip 6: Don’t hesitate to join temporary or project-based positions.

Most permanent positions have an extensive hiring process and they try to pick the best candidate from all angles. Given the high unemployment rate, experienced candidates have an edge over fresh graduates in such positions. So, early on in your career, go ahead in joining temporary or project-based positions. These positions are hired immediately within a week and they look for immediate availability. Joining these positions can help you garner new skills, make connections and most importantly, add work experience to your profile.

Tip 7: Don’t Stop Applying.

Research shows that most job seekers are rejected by over 15employers before they get hired. So, keep applying until you get a job. Be proactive every now and then to see a if there is a new suitable job opening for you. Make the best use of social connections. Drop your CV to your friend, senior or family member and let them know that you are looking for a job. While you wait hearing from a job, apply to another job opening if that matches your profile. The worst case will be, you got selected in both where you can choose. Even if there a suitable opening for a company you were rejected before, apply again. Improve on what went wrong last time. Lastly, Never lose hope. Just know that, the hardworking people will always make through. The successful are the ones who keep trying till success.

If you apply the tips above, you will start to see a difference gradually. The life stage of applying for jobs and waiting takes a toll on most people’s life. While you shouldn’t waste time applying for jobs you will not join, you should apply for most jobs that match your profile and preferred industry. Keep your patience and always make an informed judgment of which job to apply for and which job to not. May the force be with you!

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