How much do ice road truckers make?

Ice truckers work in the world’s most perilous roads to deliver freights. But what do they receive in return? How much do ice road truckers make?

In Northern America and Canada, the road conditions deteriorate during the winter months, making it more difficult for an average trucker to operate long-distance trucks, because the roads get covered in a thick layer of ice, which may reach heights of up to 60cm by the end of the season.

No matter how bad the weather or road conditions are, there are still people who live in such locations, and they need a variety of supplies to continue their livelihood. 

And in this scenario, ice road truckers take the grand entry as a liberator. In contrast to regular truck drivers, they are willing to take the risk to ensure a continuous supply of food and other commodities for the community.

Personal Skills You Need to Become an Ice Road Trucker:

Regardless of your professional qualification and training, you must have some of the unique skills if you want to become an ice road trucker.

  • Maintenance.

You’ll be required to drive your truck in extreme road conditions, and finding a servicing center or a truck stop will be as scarce as hen’s teeth. So you must know how to fix issues of your truck and maintain them on your own.

Because there are a lot of problems related to cold.

  • Owl eye.

Ice trucking doesn’t always mean that you can drive under the sunlight. You’ve to steer your truck in isolated conditions at night most of the time. So you must have outstanding attention-to-detail abilities so that you can spot threats on the road.

  • Forbearing.

Ice roads are extremely dangerous, and on most occasions, you will not be able to move your vehicle faster than 15-20 kph. You’ll also have to struggle with the lowest temperatures, which may reach -95 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas.

The benefit and pay of an ice-road trucker

Though the season is short, the earnings of an ice road trucker are considerable enough to allow them to live comfortably throughout the year, and their three-month income is almost the same as that their peers do in a year!

There are two types of jobs available for an ice trucker. You can work for any reputed company or be your own operator

If you decide to work for a company, you may make anywhere from $20,000 to $60,425 per year in salary based on your qualification and expertise.

Driving your own truck will help you to earn more money, and you can make anywhere from $34,203 to $90,360 in a single season!

And there are a few perks of working for a company, such as, 

  • You don’t have to own a truck,
  • You don’t need to spend extra on trucks for icy road preparation.
  • The company will cover the maintenance cost of the truck.
how much do ice road truckers make

What are the risks of ice-road trucking?

Ice-road trucking is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. It is also referred to as “the deadliest job in the United States.”

There are numerous risks associated with ice road trucking. A few of them is:

  • The drivers have to drive over an ice road, which is a frozen river or lake
  • Falling into lakes.
  • Driving with low visibility because of Fog
  • Ice roads can be treacherous, especially when they’re wet or icy, and drivers often have no way out if they get stuck or need help with their vehicle.
  • Colliding with another truck due to skidding.

Training And Qualifications

Being an ice trucker is a hard row to hoe. Because the job itself demands a lot of things, this is why not every trucker is eligible for ice road trucking

There are a variety of qualifications and training needed to be an ice road trucker. The primary one is that the driver must have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). 

Many employers prefer individuals who have at least a year of experience driving on ice or snow under their belts. However, if you are new to this track and do not have previous ice trucking job experience, completing training on how to drive on a snowy or icy road would be an advantage for your application.

You will also need to have a clean criminal record and a physically fit certificate to prove that you are medically fit to drive and can undergo the coldest situation without facing any sickness.

How long is the duration of ice road trucking season?

The ice trucking season is just two to three months long, and it typically starts from the middle of January to the middle of March. However, this entirely depends on the weather. 

For example, if there are warmer temperatures during the winter months, it won’t be easy to drive on the ice as high risks are involved.

And if there is a lot of snowfall, then it will also be challenging to drive on the ice because snow makes it very slippery.

The different types of jobs an ice road trucker can do

There is something unique about the ice road trucking sector, that it is not just focused on hauling trucks on ice roads. There are a number of different jobs that an ice road trucker can do, depending on the season and the location.

Those wishing to advance in their ice road trucking careers after gaining experience in the field can become winter road program managers. Safety & Compliance Supervisor.

And during the off-seasons, an ice road trucker may work as a normal truck driver to boost his income.

Does ice trucking Worth the risk?

Ice road trucking is worth it because it allows drivers to make a lot more money than they would if they were driving in other types of conditions, and ice truck driving is not going away anytime soon,

Instead, the demand for ice truck drivers has increased due to the massive supply chain flow; in the coldest states, there is a high demand in places like Canada and Alaska, where no snow removal service is available.

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