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Clinical psychologist Part Time

Rose Clinic Manchester Road, Sheffield, United Kingdom $15- $25 / hour $40000 - $50000

The successful individual will be working within a small treatment service with patients that have either Learning Disabilities and/or mental

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Senior Health and Nutrition Advisor Full Time

Telimed Paris, France $25- $35 / hour $30000 - $35000

Offer strategic and technical health and nutrition advice to headquarters and field staff, as well as training and coaching Telimed

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Social Media and Public Relation Executive Freelance

Socielity Berlin Nordbahnhof, Invalidenstraße, Berlin, Germany $25- $35 / hour $15000

The Social Media & PR Executive will be responsible for increasing hotel marketing communication across a variety of social media

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  • I have them cooperative in finding my job. The agents are really helpful in finding a good match. I was struggling in finding a good opportunity; was submitting applications and ended up with no response. When you know which company is looking for an employee like you or when you know what is the best option for you, then it's easy to get started. They helped me here in the hard part and made it easy. John Miller

  • You may wish, however, to remove HTML, JavaScript, and PHP tags from the post_title and any other fields. Surprisingly, WordPress does not do this automatically. This can be easily done by using the wp_strip_all_tags() function and is especially useful when building front-end post submission forms. Istiyak Amin Santo

  • Royal Recruiter did the great job in help me get started my first job. I was struggling hard to reach out and to get response from the employers. RR recommended me few opportunity which really pitchable with my background and I get response shortly when I applied to their suggested jobs Ethan Ryan

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