2 Best Touch Typing Courses Online 2022

2 Best Touch Typing Course Online 2022 to help you improve and increase your typing speed. Learn all the basics with the Best Touch Typing Course Online 2022

Nowadays, in almost all work settings, workers are required to use different types of devices, especially computers, to keep records of various types of data. Also, there are some job positions where typing is the main attribute of their job! 

Along with computer literacy skills, typing is another skill in high demand in job industries. However, learning how to type and master it may take months or even fail if you don’t know the proper methods.

If your work demands you to type or you want to improve your touch typing skills, here are some of the best touch typing online courses for you: 

Why Typing Skill Needed?

There are lots of companies and job positions where you’re required to record a large amount of data speedily and accurately with zero to least mistakes and without looking at the keyboard. 

Typing skill makes documenting data easier and more convenient with the keyboard. Additionally, typing skill saves time! The quicker you type, the more data you can capture in an hour.

What Is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is a method where you’ll type without seeing the keyboard by placing all your fingers on specific keys, and you should not have any errors while touch typing.

What should my typing speed be?

The average and industry-standard typing speed is 40wpm (word per minute), but typing speed requirement varies from employer to employer; some job roles require between 25 and 50 words per minute for some jobs, while others require 60 to 70 or more. 

So, if you’re typing speed is between 40 to 50, then you will be in a safe zone. To know typing speed requirements see job openings on Royal Recruiter’s website

What To Expect From These Courses?

These two best touch typing courses will teach you all the basics of touch typing; let’s see what you’ll get to learn from each course: 

1. Touch Typing Mastery – Learn to type correctly:

This course is pretty simple and has only covered the primary tricks and methods of touch typing. In this course, you’ll learn correct finger placement for typing and how to use them for blind typing and increased typing speed. 

Course Detail, Overview & Price

This minimalistic touch typing course comes with only 13 lectures on touch typing! Which will get you ready for touch typing. More than 12,000 students took this course, and 2,865 rated it 4.5 stars. 

The course costs $29.99, but use the button below to get 40% off. 

2. Typing Mastery: Learn to Type

This course covered the touch typing topic more broadly by explaining the typing tricks, where to rest your fingers for fast & accurate typing, and how to use all the keys on a keyboard, such as Command, Control, Function, and Option keys. 

Course Detail, Overview & Price

With only 16 lectures, completing this course and learning the basics will take nearly 50 minutes. Almost 6,000 students bought this course, and it has 4.4-star from 1,299 ratings. 

The price of this course is $19.99. Click on the button below to get 20% off. 

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